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One of the great things about pickleball is playing against various ages and having a blast – from grandkids to grandparents. The above photo is not actually a kid, it’s Steven taking a break while his partner carries the day! lol

Pickleball, in comparison to many other sports, has lots of laughter and fun included. Make a great shot and it’s celebrated – make an embarassing shot – we can celebrate those too!

Sally the Scarecrow is really saying, “Heh there – why not sign up and join the club?”

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America. Smiles like this are living proof!

No kidding – this is the courts before we fixed the drainage issues!

Membership has its benefits – and it’s only $60* per year!

Take a look at these benefits

Online Sign Up System

We use a sign up system called “Ezin” to manage the numbers of players per session so you are not sitting around waiting for your next game long.

Designated game categories

Whether it’s fun and friendly or competitive games you are looking for, we provide something for everyone.

Instructional sessions – learn to play or increase your skills

Our goal is to introduce new players to this awesome game. We provide “Learn to Play” instruction and seek to get you playing the game within an hour. Then we continue to provide drills that only add to your skills.

Demo paddles to try out before you buy

We carry a variety of paddles for you to use to try out before you have to purchase your own. Paddles range from $20 to $300 so you get what you pay for. We’ll even help you find a paddle as well.

It’s also a social club…

There are no requirements regarding social engagements but you will find a friendly group of people to connect with and find friendship. We have not been able to organize many events due to Covid-19 but we did hold our first Club Tournament in February 2020.

Discounts, Discounts

We offer members discounts on club offerings like clinics, tournaments and paddle deals.

Join Meaford Pickleball Club

Membership Sign Up Process

We welcome you to join our Club. All it takes is to sign up below. Adult memberships are open to those 18 years of age and older. We are now accepting memberships for 2023. All members will need to renew their memberships annually. Notices will be sent at year end.

Our desire is to support the growth of pickleball in Canada and to see it become recognized as a national sport. To that end we have signed onto the Pickleball Canada National System (PCNS).

Membership fees will therefore be a combined amount to include MPC, Pickelball Canada and Pickleball Ontario. One payment will be made through the national registration process.

Fee Structure

The total fee is $60. taxes included.

$40 will be the rate for our local club.

$10 going to the other two organizations for a total of $20. If you were a previous member of PCO or PAO then you may receive a discounted rate depending on when you joined.

A very sweet deal for a year of pickleball!

Two Steps to Join:

Registration Link – see below.

This link takes you to the Pickleball Canada site where you will sign up and pay your fees.

When you sign up with the National System (PCNS) you will be asked to sign liability and media waivers. You will pay membership fees through a secure system with a credit card.

All players will have to sign up, agree to the waivers and pay their fees, before being allowed to play.

MPC does allow people to try the game for a session before deciding to become a member. Please contact the club to arrange for your trial session – our contact page is here.

The Annual Membership year runs January 1 – December 31.

Join Meaford Pickelball Club by clicking on the link below. It takes you direct to Pickleball Canada’s registration page.

Please note Pickleball Ontario provides us with a discounted rate as of Oct. 1 each year. If you are joining just prior to this date please consider waiting until after Oct 1 so the discount applies. A new membership after Oct 1 includes Oct, Nov, Dec and all of 2023 with your next renewal not until Dec of the next year. Such a deal!

Court Fees

2023 Court Fees (as of May 2) will be $4.00 per session per person for play at the Meaford Community Centre, the Harbour Pavilion Courts and Georgian Bay Community School. These fees are on top of your Annual Membership Fee.

Here are some historical Court Fees based on previous rates.

  • St Vincent Community Centre Hall $4 per 2 hrs
  • 4th Canadian Training Recreation Centre $6 for a day pass
  • Harbour Pavilion Outdoor Courts $4 per 2 hrs
  • Meaford Tennis Courts No charge

Ezin Sign Up System

All members will be invited to join Ezin (pronounced, Easy-In). This is the system we use to book court times for all players and games. Click the link below to jump to that page.

Visitor Policy

We welcome people to try the game and provide some basic instruction. Walk On players are only permitted under certain conditions to be fair to our Annual Members. Click the link below to learn more and read the Policy. Seasonal Memberships are not available at this time. Court fees for Walk On players is $10.

Why do we join Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Ontario?

  • Personal insurance coverage for individuals
  • DIrector’s and Officer’s Liability insurance
  • Membership Management System – a powerful data base for our Club
  • Email Communication System
  • Payment System – including options to pay for clinics, merchandise and special events
  • Support for growing pickleball provincially and nationally which will bolster the potential for funding and resources for pickleball in Canada

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in North America. Pickleball Ontario has over 500 listings in their “places to play” list. An estimated 17,000 people were playing pickleball in Canada according to the Globe and Mail in 2019. There are lots of good resources on both of these web sites.

Click below for the Ontario site

Click below for the Canadian site

Pickleball Rules

Click below to see the 2021 USA Pickleball Association Alternative Rulebook for 2021 (identical to the International Pickleball Federation Rulebook.) Please note some significant changes come into effect for January 2021 – perhaps the most notable is the freedom to serve the ball off a bounce. We’ll have to see how that works when we hit the courts!

UPDATED January 2023

“This past summer (2020) was a game saver for me by being able to be outdoors and play pickleball in the midst of a global pandemic. Thanks Meaford Pickleball Club for making this possible.”

Susan P.

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