The Courts are Looking Good!

Today – June 4 the courts were power washed and readied for new paint tomorrow so we’ll be ready to launch the season on Monday! YAHOO! Thanks to the crew of guys that have been working this last week to get everything ready: repairing cracks, power washing, making new fencing and painting lines on theContinue reading “The Courts are Looking Good!”

ParticipACTION Month in Canada comes to MPC!

June 2021 is ParticipACTION Month so we’d like all our members to track their activity and join with thousands of Canadians to raise the level of our fitness. Details in the download below. We are planning to keep tabs on all our sessions and add up the total number of minutes this month as aContinue reading “ParticipACTION Month in Canada comes to MPC!”

MPC Offers Pickleball Loaners from Public Library

We dropped off to 2 sets of paddles and balls today at the Meaford Public Library as loaners for this summer. They will now be a part of the lending library collection – whoohoo! 4 paddles and 8 balls will make a great way for your friends to try out the game of pickleball atContinue reading “MPC Offers Pickleball Loaners from Public Library”