Covid-19 Guidelines

April 2021

All players must agree to and abide by the stated guidelines based on information from the Province of Ontario and our local Grey Bruce Health Unit. It is understood that any player who participates in MPC club play has read, acknowledged and agree with MPC’s policies, procedures and protocols.

All members will have to complete a Covid Screening Assessment required by the Municipality of Meaford before commencing play found below.

Please note this Assessment shall be submitted prior to playing and then each time you play you are responsible to abide by the commitment to not play if you are feeling ill. It does not have to be submitted before each session. If you get sick during the season, you must be able to answer all the questions in the negative before playing again. Extra copies will be available at our locations but please reduce the challenge of filling it out then and complete the process ahead of time if at all possible. Thank you!

  •  If you are not feeling well please do not come to play PB until you are better and can answer all the Screening Assessment questions in the negative again.
  • Do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to your game time nor congregate after your session is over. Please leave directly.
  • Doubles play is allowed. If you only wish to play singles at this time you will have to advise the Club of your preference. Efforts will be made to accommodate this request, however this may also limit your playing time.
  • Any player needs to inform the club if you have tested positive for the virus. Contact us here.
  • ​Playing with a mask is optional at this time. However, please wear your mask while not on the courts, while you enter and exit the facility.
  • Always be mindful of physical distancing (2 meters) while not on the courts.
  • Please tap or toss balls to your partners or opponents rather than handing it to them.
  • No paddle taps, physical touches at the end of games. 
  •  Please wear or bring sun screen for outdoor play (maybe a hat & sunglasses too).
  • The Club does make sanitizer available at the courts but it is good practice to have your own supply as well. Do not share your paddle with others. Plan to use sanitizer after every game and before you leave for the day.
  • Loaner MPC paddles, if used by new players, shall be placed in a designated area to be sanitized after each use.
  • Bring a filled water bottle.
  • Municipal washrooms are scheduled to be open at the Harbour and are available at the Arena.
  • You may wish to bring a portable lawn chair to use between games both at the Harbour and the Arena.
  • Only court hosts are allowed to set up and take down the nets for safety sake. 
  •  We will be strict with our numbers based on governmental guidelines. 
  • Our sign up system is called Ez-in (Easy-in).  We will help you get set up for this which sends you email invitations to games, helps us track who is coming and how many are signed up for each session.  We will invite more players than the maximum number on the courts at a time, so an allowance is made for additional players for rotational purposes. However, we cap the numbers for each session. A wait list in included in the system.
  • Drop in play is not allowed during these restricted times.
  • Anyone not following the direction of the Court Host will be reminded of safe health guidelines. Those not willing to abide by these rules will be asked to leave.
  • MPC will keep a record of all members and guests, so that contact can be made, if required, to inform that a positive case has been identified.

Bottom Line:

If you don`t feel comfortable with the situation or the environment,

walk away and don`t play. Your health and safety are more important than a game.

 Let`s be safe and have lots of fun.

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