ParticipACTION Month in Canada comes to MPC!

June 2021 is ParticipACTION Month so we’d like all our members to track their activity and join with thousands of Canadians to raise the level of our fitness. Details in the download below. We are planning to keep tabs on all our sessions and add up the total number of minutes this month as a Club.

You can also track your own activity with the APP, everything from running, sports, gardening and housework etc. It’s easy to use and has all kinds of resources to draw on for a more active lifestyle. We could sure use some more exercise and activity after all we’ve been through these past months.

Come On Meaford Pickleball Club… Let’s Get Active!

MPC Offers Pickleball Loaners from Public Library

We dropped off to 2 sets of paddles and balls today at the Meaford Public Library as loaners for this summer. They will now be a part of the lending library collection – whoohoo! 4 paddles and 8 balls will make a great way for your friends to try out the game of pickleball at the Tennis Courts this year. We’ll post another update when the courts are open. Special thanks to Lynne Fascinato at the LIbrary for willingly taking this project on with us.

ParticipACTION Grant Received

We applied for a small grant and received notice of acceptance of our application recently – just waiting for the cheque to arrive since we don’t know exactly the amount as yet. Whoohoo! Update: April 23, 2021 – Our first grant cheque has just arrived and it’s for $400.00. We plan to use it to introduce youth and adults in our community to pickleball this summer.

April 20, 2021 – Membership Bonanza Numbers

In the first 12 days we have had 26 people sign up for 2021 Memberships. Have you signed up yet? Slide over to the Join MPC page and see all the benefits of being a member. Why not get your membership registered before we begin to roll and get games going as soon as restrictions are lifted? Looking forward to seeing you on the courts.