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We are excited to partner with Pickleball Canada as they launch their new Pickleball Canada National System. (PCNS) It is a combination of a membership data base, payment avenue and many other features that are beneficial to MPC.

Membership fees will therefore be a combined amount to include both Pickelball Canada (PC) and Pickleball Ontario (PO). One payment will be made through a national registration process. The cost this year will be $50. $30 will be the rate for our local club with $20 going to the other two organizations, $10 each.

When you sign up through PCNS you will be asked to sign some waivers, one for PC, one for PO and MPC’s as well. Due to the impact of Covid-19 as noted on our the COVID-19 Guidelines page, a Screening Assessment us required before you can step out onto the courts. Please see here to complete the Assessment if you haven’t already.

To join MPC – click here to go to our Join MPC Page!

We may have some capacity restrictions in the fall but for now we are receiving new members. Memberships are renewed annually in January and the number of members fluctuates each year. We will provide notice of when our capacity has been reached and/or memberships are limited.

  • We include the requirement of membership in PCO and PO to take advantage of insurance coverage for all PO members in case of an accident. Click here to see the insurance policy details.
  • Our club membership supports the purchase of new equipment, upgrading the Pavilion Courts, helping to run our programs, providing discounts to you as a member for paddles and clinics and ensures we can cover off rental costs for the places we play.
  • A long term goal is to see a dedicated pickleball facility built in Meaford.
  • Our club is a non-profit organization and was incorporated with the government of Canada in February 2021.
  • Session/Court Fees are on top of your annual membership fee and are quite reasonable. See below.
  • Rates for the 2021 spring and summer season are $2.00 per session. As happened in 2020 we are planning to track your attendance and send you a regular invoice of your court fees. It helps reduce handling of cash and e transfers are easy ways for us to receive payment.
  • Reminder notices will be sent to all members each December for the following year.

Membership Time frame: All annual memberships are due January 1 each year.


Pickle Passes purchased in 2020 will be valid at the equivalent rate of $2.00 per session for play going forward at any time.

E – transfer: MPC accepts etransfers for certain payments. Here are the details.

RecipientMeaford Pickleball Club

Email Address: (primary email)

(secondary email-

We have auto deposit set up so no passwords are required.

ALL CHEQUES are to be made payable to the MEAFORD PICKLEBALL CLUB  and given or ​mailed to Brian Slee, 69 St. Vincent Street,  Meaford  Ontario  N4L 1B8

Thank you for joining MPC and we look foward to seeing you on the Courts!

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