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Up to 5 Courts Available

2 Courts at the Meaford Community Centre and 3 Courts at the Harbour Pavilion.

Plus the Meaford Tennis Courts (2 courts) have pickleball lines as well – first come first served use. (200 Eliza St., Meaford.)

We will be moving into the Meaford Community Centre Oct. 4 – more details available in the September 22 Newsletter.

Below is a sample of our play schedule which will undoubtedly change throughout the playing season.

The goal is to offer a variety of experiences. We will be attempting to provide various kinds of playing categories. All sessions and numbers are subject to Covid restrictions at this time.

Categories of play possible:

  • Open Play – everyone is welcome
  • Men’s Only and Women’s Only
  • Intermediate Only – The Club will have a skill assessment tool available to rate players subject to various factors. USAPA/Pickleball Canada ratings are accepted. This provides for play with “like-skilled players”
  • Learn to Play Orientation – it is important for beginners to receive a level of instruction before playing actual games. This will introduce you to the basic rules and fundamentals as well as guide you in getting set up with the Ezin sign up system.
  • Singles – if interest, there could be limited slots available for singles.
  • Mixed Doubles Intermediate
  • These scheduled times will be divided into game blocks. We usually play for about 2 hrs at a time.
  • RATINGS SCALE: USAPA rating profile is quite descriptive and can be found here.

Time Change – Aug. 30, 2021

10 AM-12 PM at the

Harbour Pavilion Courts

20 players per session and doubles play at the Harbour Courts. Arena play in effect currently until later in September. Ezin game invitations usually go out one week prior to game day. Limitations will apply until Covid restrictions are lifted.

New Schedule as of October 4, 2021

(Outdoor play at the Pavilion Mon – Fri 10am -12 pm until Oct 4.)

Max. Capacity / # of CourtsMonTuesWedThursFriSat
Pavilion – Outdoors20 / 3
Meaford Community Centre Daytime9 per session / 29-10 am 10-11 am 11 am -12 12-1 pm

9-10 am ** 10-11 am 11 am -12 12-1 pm

Evenings at the Community Centre12 / 2


GBCS (New School) Potential in October ??20 / TBD

To be confirmed 6:30-8:30
To be confirmed
8:30 -12:30 
Thornbury Community Centre ?20 / 2

To be confirmed
11-6 *

Location Updates: Arena Play concludes on Sept 16 for this year. Next stop will be the Community Centre starting Oct. 4.

Introductory Sessions: Each week we will offer introductory sessions for new players. We encourage all new players to join these sessions to learn the basics before playing in regularly scheduled games. Sign up for these sessions will be coordinated through our Coach/Instructor Brian Bell. Please feel free to contact him at

Capacity Projections:  Based on provincial guidelines.  Schedule may change – be sure to check back for updated information.

Community Centre Details: Please arrive just before you game time slot. Please wear a mask while entering and between games. Enter through the main door and change into your indoor shoes in the hall way. Exit through the side door in the Dance hall.

All players will have to show proof of vaccinations prior to being allowed to play.

The Harbour Pavilion and Pad as well as the Community Centre may be booked on certain dates by other groups for events which may restrict our pickleball schedule. We will highlight specific dates when they are known and set.

Love our new Library?

This summer MPC is providing loaner paddles and balls to the Meaford Library to add to the collection! We hope this will encourage people who do not have paddles or may not have tried the game to do so at the Tennis Courts. This is a great way for you to introduce others to the game as well – book out some paddles and head on down to the Tennis Courts on Eliza St. just past the High School.

Here is an outline of how the game is played as an FYI!

Click here to download a one page summary of the basics!

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