Ezin: The Sign Up System

In order to accomplish the following objectives we subscribe to Ezin. (It is pronounced Easy-in). We will send you an invitation to join the system from ezin@play-pickleball.ca once you are a member of the Club.

  1. We are able to limit the number of players to an appropriate amount of people so as to keep the wait times between games reasonable for each session.
  2. We are able to identify certain sessions as Open Play or Designated Play which are provided for your playing enjoyment.
  3. This system also allows us to invoice you for your sessions at the end of each quarter. Court fees are to be paid by e-transfer based on the invoice you receive by email from the club.
  4. Ezin also provides a “look-see” for all players to know who is signed up for that session ahead of time.

Ezin Registration Instructions

Once you become a member by signing the application, waiver and paying your annual dues, you will be sent an email from ezin@play-pickleball.ca. Please follow these instructions carefully and you should have no problems getting signed up in the system.

The first email you will get is called the “Confirm It!” email and it looks like this:

You are being asked to choose 1, 2 or 3 as a way for your device to accept emails from Ezin. It doesn’t matter which one you pick – it simply needs to be work with your system. Usually people try # 1 – but if it doesn’t respond, then try another choice. This is offered since not all systems seem to like # 1 option. When you click your choice it will take you to a web page at Play-pickleball.ca and you will need to click [Post/Submit/Update] to complete your registration and get you into the system. Please do not forget this step.

Once you are Confirmed that will allow us to send you invitations to games. They are called “Are You ‘In’?” emails and they look like this:

Once you click [POST/SUBMIT/UPDATE] you will then be shown a list of who currently IN or OUT for this Game. At the bottom of that page you can click to view a list of upcoming games called “Game/Event List” offered. In that listing you can see the upcoming games and who has responded at that point. If you click on any game date from the list, it will tell you who has signed either IN or OUT.

If you simply want to see who has been invited and responded to the game, before signing up, and who has signed up as IN or OUT, you can click on the [LIST PLAYERS] button on your email. Again you will be taken to another webpage to view that list. From there you can close your tab to exit or browse around. However, you will have to go back to your email to select whether you are IN or OUT if you wish to sign up for that particular game.

Please do not trash the Are You IN? email until after the game date has passed since if you wish to change your selection – from IN to OUT or to see the PLAYER LIST – you must do this from this email. A reminder – all players who signed up can be invoiced for the session fee whether you attend that game or not – so either change your listing before the game or you could end up paying the court fee. Or, see it as a donation to the Club. 🙂

Trusting this helps you get signed up and allows you to sign into games easily. It may look a little complicated but like anything on our computers and devices, once you get the hang of it, it is very helpful.

Any questions or concerns – contact Eileen Powell or Kristin Davies at meafordpb@gmail.com. A special word of thanks to Mike Motz, owner of Play-Pickleball.ca, for writing the software for Ezin. (Now that is a challenging task, for sure!)

How do I get invited into what games?

Often people ask how they get invited to games… We will place you in a time slot based on your membership information and your skill level. We also provide a listing of game times and categories of play. The Club reserves the right to place you into categories suited to your skill level. Each season we will post specifics of what game slots and categories are being offered. Click here to see the current listing.

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