Meaford Pickleball Club

Fall Schedule Coming Soon!

We are moving indoors the week of Oct 3. Due to weather some games will be at the Community Centre beginning Sept. 26. Stay tuned!

For details on the regular game schedule click here:

Play Schedule

Vaccine Certificate Requirement Lifted

With the March 1, 2022 announcement that the Ontario Government has lifted the Proof of Vaccination requirement we are no longer requiring this to play. It’s been a long season or restrictions and we trust the next steps will help us return to a more normal living experience. Please use your best judgement about staying home if you feel ill or have symptoms. Masks are optional at this point – your choice.

Pavilion Courts freshly painted for 2022 Outdoor Season!

Harbour Pavilion Courts 2021
St Vincent and Meaford Community Centre

The goal of the Meaford Pickleball Club is to organize, enjoy and promote all levels of recreational Pickleball in the Municipality of Meaford.

Welcome to the Meaford Pickleball Club!

We started in 2019 and now have approximately 100 members. With Covid-19 wreaking havoc we definitely missed playing these past many months.

In 2021 we added a third outdoor court at the Pavilion Court location as seen in the photo above. We have a bit of work to do on the pad this summer to help with drainage issues and as you can see the pressure washing work was still to be done when the above photo was taken.

Brian Bell has been instrumental in starting PB here in Meaford – he’s done lots of instructional work to help us learn the game too!

This is Mr. Bell himself - not some stock photo of a pro player!!
This is Brian Bell himself… not some stock photo of a pro!

About the game of pickleball…

Here is a simple outline of the basic rules of pickleball.

Below are three links for learning the game’s basics. (The link on the left is a USA site so their products for sale, etc., are in USA dollars and we have no relationship with them.) Of course, there are many places to find good information on line. Mark Renneson is an excellent instructor who lives in Collingwood and runs a very successful pickeball coaching business called, Third Shot Sports. CJ Johnson explains the scoring in both in a written format and a video.

The Name: What’s with “Pickleball“?

Ok – here’s the best version and we’re sticking with it. The inventors of the game (fun fact – one of the gentlemen who helped start the game was Mr. Bill Bell – how about that connection, Meaford!) in Bainbridge, Washington in 1965 had a dog named Pickles. She kept snatching up the ball and running off with it. So they started calling the game Pickleball. Tell that to your friends to impress, eh?

Come Join The Fun!

Our Locations!

We play at 4 locations locally – the Meaford Tennis Courts, Harbour Pavilion Courts, 4th Canadian Training Division Gym (pictured above), and St Vincent Community Centre and Arena. Click on the map red markers to identify the locations.

Currently we are not playing at the 4th Canadian Training Centre due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Meaford Tennis Courts, 200 Eliza St., Meaford

St. Vincent Community Centre & Arena, 151 Collingwood St., Meaford

Harbour Pavilion, 3 St Vincent St., Meaford.

4th Canadian Training Centre, 139152 Grey Rd 112, Meaford

Please Note: The Meaford Tennis Courts are lined for pickleball as well as Tennis. The courts are open for play on a first come first served basis. Feel free to head over to play pickleball anytime if you have your own paddles and balls. MPC does not at this time manage or book designated time for pickleball at the Tennis Courts.

Join the Club!

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Check out our Facebook page too for updates and news!

Meet our Team!

We’re all volunteers who are passionate about pickleball!

Annual Membership 2022*


* $40 MPC Club Fee

* $20 payable to Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Ontario combined- some discounts may apply

* We are joining Pickleball Canada’s National Registration System which provides us with a variety of resources and benefits including insurance coverage and a membership data base program

Annual Memberships run from January to December

Our Supporting Sponsors

Growing the Sport of Pickleball in the Municipality of Meaford was funded in part by Community Foundation Grey Bruce in 2021 for which MPC is grateful and thankful.

Thanks also goes out to ParticiPACTION for their support in the summer of 2021 in our Building Skills and Offering Drills:  Promoting Pickleball to Youth and Adults program.

Municipality of Meaford Logo

Since 2019 the Municipality of Meaford has provided $500 per year over a 4 year window in support of the Meaford Pickleball Club. Sincere appreciation to Town Council for this generous donation.

Meaford Pickleball Club

Led by volunteers players. Great people like Bruce, Chris, Eileen, Kristin, Lee, Brian and Brian… and your name could be here too! Feel free to be in touch!

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