Meet our Team

We are a group of Meafordites who have fallen in love with the game of pickleball. We are glad to serve you in providing a fun, friendly, recreational and social club. Let us introduce you to the Team.

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Brian Bell

Past President

Brian, the founder of MPC has recently relocated to Port Elgin but will still be making guest appearances as a coach. Thanks to Brian’s dedication to the sport, there is pickleball in Meaford today.

Brian has been playing now for over 7 years and loves the game. He came to Meaford in 2017 and found no active pickleball being played in an organized fashion. He volunteered to begin something in 2018 and then developed a team to help found the Meaford Pickleball Club in September 2019. There was a great response by people in the community and the future of pickleball in Meaford only looks bright.

Brian Slee

Director at Large

Brian was our Treasurer up until the end of March 2022 for which we thank him for his excellent service.

In passing along the Treasurer”s role to Bruce Ross, Brian will continue to serve in a general role on the Executive. Brian can be found helping with a variety elements either helping to set up courts, filling the cracks in the surface, taping lines, buying supplies, power washing, and court hosting. Thanks too to Cindy, Brian’s spouse, who helps out with Club events and games.

Eileen Powell

Ezin Coordinator: Director at Large

Eileen joined the Team in July of 2021 after volunteering to learn our Sign In system called Ezin (pronounced Easy In). It’s a software program developed by programmer Mike Motz and he is an avid pickleball player. Eileen picked up the details of running the program quickly and has been a great addition to the Board. She also is a Court Host on Wednesday evenings.

Lee Ogden

Membership Coordinator: Director at Large

Lee willingly agreed to participate in the Executive Team in 2021 to assist making members feel welcome and served by our Club. Lee herself naturally does that relationally so it seemed right to invite her onto the Team. As you can imagine by the smile, she’s excited to play pickleball, court host, encourage others to learn to play too and to pick up responsibilities surrounding membership needs.

Bruce Ross

Director at Large

Bruce joined the Executive in November of 2021 and brings a background in banking and accounting. He recently moved to Meaford and was keen to join the Club. Bruce has agreed to pick up the role of Treasurer as of the end of March 2022. Bruce has a background in accounting and served for many years at a Credit Union. By the way, wearing headphones is not a new prerequisite for joining the Executive Team – although a nice sporty look, for sure! 🙂

Kristin Davies

Secretary, Facebook & Website Coordinator

Kristin who comes to us from a pharmacy background, started playing pickleball in the fall of 2019 and fell in love with the sport. Kristin has served as president and treasurer of the Meaford Skating Club and as the parade coordinator for the Scarecrow Invasion. She is excited to help grow the sport of pickleball in Meaford.

Chris Davies

Director at Large

Chris, whom most would recognize as their friendly neighbourhood pharmacist, joined our team in April 2022. Chris began playing pickleball about 5 years ago and is a natural, having come from a tennis background. Chris brings to us many years of volunteering expertise through the Lions Club, Scarecrow Invasion and Meaford Skating Club.

John Brough

Director at Large

John has been a resident of Meaford for over 40 years. He volunteered as a coach of minor hockey and fastball. He is also a past president of the MAAA. He explored the world of pickleball in April, 2022 and quickly grew to love it and the comradery of the MPC. John joined the executive in October 2022 bringing his background in accounting, administration and management to the team.

Contact any of the Executive: Contact us!

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